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Utility and Waste Disposal Companies

Utility and waste disposal companies

We offer seamless handling of technical and business processes for utility and waste disposal companies, which is achieved by the close integration of BIS, GIS and ERP (e.g. SAP) systems of a company. At the same time, we offer systems for management of technical data and process data. Users access all data via a unified software interface.

The particular strength of our solutions lies in flexible access to data. The user can work in an intranet, via the internet and with mobile off-line solutions. All prevailing operating systems, namely Windows, iOS and Android, and pieces of hardware equipment are supported. The modular concept of our solutions allows for a step-by-step introduction of the systems.

  • GIS, BIS and SAP data within a single system
  • Intuitive and unified user interfaces
  • Uninterrupted control of processes

ITS Group

The ITS Group is specialized in the development and implementation of innovative and practically-orientated geographic information and business management systems. On the basis of centralized data storage, solutions by the ITS offer the staff in a company quick and flexible access to all relevant information.

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