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The product strategy of the ITS is based on the two pillars Smallworld GIS as geographic information system and Lovion BIS as business control system. Both platform were successfully introduced in many companies and proofed their suitability for practical applications. In line with our guideline of "Integrated Asset Management", we frequently deliver an integration with ERP systems (Enterprise Resource Planning) in order to achieve an uninterrupted workflow of technical as well as business processes. Most customers use SAP as business system.

ITS offers quick and cost-effective system introductions by systematic application of standards and integration into existing product landscapes. The ITS offers the following two product lines:


ITS Group

The ITS Group is specialized in the development and implementation of innovative and practically-orientated geographic information and business management systems. On the basis of centralized data storage, solutions by the ITS offer the staff in a company quick and flexible access to all relevant information.

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