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ITS Informationstechnik Service GmbH a company in the ITS Group

The ITS Informationstechnik Service GmbH, Germany, is an established and innovative service provider in the area of Geographic Informations Systems (GIS) and Asset Management Systems (AM).

The ITS Informationstechnik Service GmbH, Germany, successfully delivers services in GIS projects of any scope and level of complexity. They include but are not limited to:

  • GIS and GIS related analysis of business processes, analysis of weak points and to-be concepts for medium sized and large utility companies
  • Introduction of GIS in utility companies and in local authorities
  • Product development over the entire spectrum from standard network resource managers to process-supporting customer-specific applications
  • Courses (seminars) and training
  • Management of data recording and data recording

Our experience goes back to the early days of graphic data processing. The ITS Informationstechnik Service GmbH, Germany, places particular emphasis on its staff's consultancy skills and a good education. Our particular strength is the development of solutions to complex problems and accompanying its realization.

Many utility and waste disposal companies use the services of the ITS Informationstechnik Service GmbH, Germany, for the introduction and maintenance of their GIS applications. Our list of customers proves that were among the leading companies in this field.

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ITS Informationstechnik Service GmbH
Phoenixseestraße 6
44263 Dortmund

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Tel.: +49 (0) 231 55 75 111
Fax.: +49 (0) 231 55 75 110

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