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ITS International Services GmbH a company in the ITS Group in Germany

We develop pragmatic solutions and products together with our customers so that our customers reach their business goals.

Beyond our thorough knowledge with core competences in the fields of telecommunications and utility we place particular emphasis on development and quality assurance processes. Based on our experience, in particular with large customers and complex projects that often stretch over several years, we are aware of the need for project management, agile approaches such as SCRUM as well as test management.

For this reason, we apply comprehensive, quality-assured project management. We serve our customers by developing their potentials and innovative strategies together with them in an open dialogue and by using modern standards for our implementations. Our successfully completed projects as well as our long-term customer relationships are proof of the efficiency of our approach.

Our greatest asset are our well-educated and highly-motivated staff. While our staff work as members of the project team, they are at the same time granted a maximum amount of personal responsibility, individual freedom, performance orientation and the possibility of reaching personal goals. Our most importance resource are our staff; their creativity, professional knowledge and sense of responsibility are key to successful consultancy services and provision of customer solutions.

Our dedicated Smallworld consultants possess together 200 man years of experience, which put them among the leaders in this field.

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ITS International Services GmbH
Phoenixseestraße 6
44263 Dortmund

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Tel.: +49 (0) 231 55 75 111
Fax.: +49 (0) 6151 62782 39

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